Maximize The Efficiency Of Your HVAC System And Save Money In The Process

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How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning During the Winter
December 27, 2016
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Maximize The Efficiency Of Your HVAC System And Save Money In The Process

The cost of energy continues to spiral, and if history tells us anything, the chances of it ever dropping in price are slim, to say the least. For many families, the cost of their energy can have a drastic effect on their monthly budget, which is why it is critical to use every option available to you to reduce energy costs. An HVAC system lies at the heart of every families energy consumption strategy, which is why it makes sense to ensure that your system is working efficiently and at full capacity. By following some or all of these ideas below, you could reduce your energy wastage, and as a consequence save a considerable sum of money.

Invest In An Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance Program

Every HVAC system gets a lot of use throughout the course of a year, even more in certain regions of the country, and in much, the same way as a vehicle needs an annual service an HVAC system will also benefit from a yearly check. By signing up for an annual maintenance program, you are leaving things to the professionals. A maintenance program is usually a cheaper alternative to calling out a company in an emergency, the company will get to know and understand your particular system, and if and when things do go wrong, customers on a maintenance program will generally get priority treatment during times of peak demand.

Upgrading Your HVAC System May Be A Shrewd Investment

A replacement HVAC system is never going to be cheap, and as a consequence, many homeowners decide to keep repairing their older less efficient systems in the mistaken belief that this is the more affordable option. In many cases, this is a poor decision, because regular call outs, replacement parts, and labor costs soon mount up. Add to this the fact that new HVAC systems are many times more efficient, and the reality is that it might be a significantly cheaper option to replace your current system, rather than patch and mend as time goes on. Check with your state and local governments, as many homeowners will qualify for rebates or financial incentives which could further sweeten the deal.

Regularly Replace Your AC Filters

Have you ever used a vacuum cleaner which has become blocked? If so you will have heard the engine increasing in volume, as it works harder to try and clear the blockage. The same principle applies to an HVAC system where the filters have become blocked. The aim of a filter is to catch and prevent dust, pollen, and other unwelcome components from entering the system, but naturally, over time, any filter will become blocked as it traps the dirt and debris. This forces the system to work harder as it tried to suck the air through the filter, so by replacing the filters on a regular basis, you prevent this extra stress on your system. Research how often the manufacturer of your system recommends changing your filters, and if you live in an area where there are excessive amounts of dust or debris, change the filters quicker than suggested. Make use of your cell phone, put the date when the next change is due into your cell phone calendar so that it will remind you when the time comes.

Invest In Smart Programmable Thermostats

Technology continues to evolve at a startling pace, and the technology involved in HVAC systems has changed rapidly over the last decade. One of the best inventions has been programmable thermostats. Many homes sit empty for significant periods of the day, parents are out at work, and children are at school. Unless you have money to burn there is minimal benefit in heating an empty property. Programmable thermostats allow homeowners to decide what temperature their home should be at different times of the time and automatically change to reflect this. But even this system means that if your plans change then, you could be wasting energy. This is solved by wifi- programmable thermostats which can be controlled via your cell phone. There are certain systems which are so advanced that they can turn your heating on when you are 25, 30 or 40 minutes away from home. Automation is much more efficient and removes human error from the equation. With fierce competition in the market between Amazon, Google and a number of other companies are locked in a battle to get a large slice of the home automation market, which means that investing in these new devices is not as expensive as you might expect.

During the Winter Months

During the coldest months of the year, you’ll want to maintain your air conditioning system in as convenient a manner as possible, while still ensuring that it’s ready for the following summer. By following the preparatory steps outlined above, you will ensure an easier time of doing so. The items on the list below make a good, general outline—tweaked to accommodate what applies to your situation—for managing over the course of the cooler months.

Invest In Solar Screens

In the summer, trying to keep your property nice and cool can be an expensive business, so where possible it is good to stop the heat at source. By installing solar screens, you can prevent about 70 percent of the heat from ever entering your property, which will drastically reduce the energy required to keep your property cool. They work by reflecting the heat before it enters the property, in much the same way that solar blanket work in vehicles to keep the heat out. Solar screens are also a one time expense and adequately looked after, can last for many years. At Collis Electric and Air Conditioning, we are determined to find solutions that save our customer's money year in and year out. These are only some of the suggestions our team of experts can provide, so why not give our friendly customer service team a call today, and let us help you slash your energy bills for many years to come!

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