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HVAC Maintenance Services

Our Air Conditioning systems are such an integral part of modern life that it is imperative that we regularly service them to maximize their life span and to ensure that they are running efficiently. As your local friendly and reliable Air Conditioning experts, Collis Electric and Air Conditioning operate an annual maintenance program. This program has been designed to ensure that your system is running to its full potential and to give you, the client peace of mind in the knowledge that your system will continue to be reliable and keep your family home comfortable throughout the year. As the leading provider of Air Conditioning Services within the local area, all of our staff are fully trained, qualified and focused on providing a first class service to our clients. As a company, our number one priority is total customer satisfaction, which is why you will receive exemplary customer service from the first time you contact us to enquire about our services until we leave your home having completed the work to the highest standards. With so many different makes and models of Air Conditioning Systems on the market today, we want to ensure that all of our staff are fully up to date with each manufacturer’s recommendations, which is why we continually invest in training and trade shows. Our vehicles are stocked with official parts from each manufacturer so that warranties are maintained, and your equipment continues to work exactly as intended.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Program

One of the most popular products we offer is our yearly maintenance program, which for a small annual fee provides a full service of your system. This includes

  • Check pressures
  • Amps
  • Volts
  • Tighten all connections
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Lubricate motors
  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Chemically treat drain line
  • Inspect duct work
  • Test heating and cooling cycle
  • Change supplied filter
  • Check temperature split
Convenience and Flexibility

Everyone leads busy lives with so many demands and pressures that taking a full day off work to have your Air Conditioning system serviced can seem a waste of time, especially if the company doesn't turn up. At Collis Electric and Air Conditioning, we never lose sight of the fact that you are the customer, and it is our job to serve you. That is why we offer flexible appointments and aim to fit in with your schedule, not the other way around. We will turn up on time, as arranged and complete the job with the minimum fuss and disruption.

Respect And Maintenance

As with any local business, we are totally reliant on our reputation and word of mouth recommendations. All of our staff will arrive in smart uniforms and will prepare the area where they are working to ensure that no dirt or substances come into contact with your floors or possessions. Upon completion of the work, we will tidy up and remove any dust or detritus that we caused, leaving the work area immaculate. Our staff will be polite and helpful and will answer any questions about the work or maintenance program fully to your complete satisfaction.

The Advantages Of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Living in Port St. Lucie Florida without air conditioning is certainly not ideal and is really difficult and challenging. If and when you air con system breaks down you will be under a lot of pressure for your family to get things fixed urgently. Inevitably, these repairs are unlikely to be cheap but waiting to save up the cash to solve the problem is not really a solution. As with many things in life, prevention is better than cure, and by investing a small amount of money annually on preventative maintenance, you are saving yourself long-term expense. Not only will you be more likely to prevent expensive repair bills, but you may actually save more than the cost of the maintenance in terms of efficiency and running costs. Here are some of the benefits that enrolling in our maintenance program will bring you

  • Clean Condenser Coils – Cleaning your condenser coils is possibly the number one way to ensure your system is running at maximum efficiency. Not only will the clean coil improve efficiency, but it will also help your system to run cooler, which in turn should extend the life of your unit.
  • Regular HVAC Maintenance Saves Money And Can Detect Developing Problems – We are truly spoiled by the reliability of our modern air conditioning systems, but when things do go wrong, they can be expensive to fix. With regular maintenance, many problems can be prevented, or even avoided altogether, which can save you the customer significant amounts of money compared to the repair or replacement costs.
  • A Well Maintained HVAC System Is Quieter – As with all moving equipment, the older it becomes and the less efficient, generally the noisier it is. Regular maintenance can help to resolve this surprisingly irritating problem.
  • Your Air Conditioner Will Last Longer – Mechanical products that are properly maintained and serviced throughout their lives, with naturally last longer. An air conditioning system is an expensive long-term investment, so it only makes sense to look after it properly to maximize its lifespan.

Whatever your air conditioning needs or requirements are, you can be totally confident that Collis Electric and Air can fulfill those services. We have grown our business via word of mouth recommendations, a fact of which we are very proud. As we have grown over the years, we have never lost the personal touch, and it is the small attention to detail that we feel sets us apart from our competitors. If you are considering starting a maintenance program for your Air conditioning system, then feel free to contact our team of friendly and helpful advisors. We can explain the various options, and get your system working quietly and efficiently. The best time to enroll in any maintenance program is when your system is working smoothly, so don’t wait for problems to develop, get in contact with us today, and we will ensure your system continues to work to its full potential.

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