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When Was The Last Time You Had Your Air Ducts Properly Cleaned?

The average HVAC system clocks up about 7000 hours of operation per annum and is a key factor in ensuring that your family lives in a pleasant environment, throughout the course of the year, regardless of the weather. Many homeowners make the sensible decision to have their HVAC system serviced annually, and this ensures that the machinery is operating efficiently, that filters have been changed and hopefully identifies any potential problems before they develop into costly and expensive issues. The focus of the maintenance checks is specifically targeted at the machinery of your HVAC system, but in general, unless something obvious is seen, the ducts remain untouched for many years. This has the potential to cause some health issues to the residents of the property, and thinking things through rationally it makes perfect sense. For anyone who has ever used a vacuum cleaner take a look at the suction pipe, and you will see that although the cleaner has sucked up and disposed of the vast majority of the dirt and debris, there are still significant traces of dust and other items stuck to the inside of the pipe. This can reduce the effectiveness of the machine, but other than that, it is of no real concern to the user. However, in many ways, your home HVAC system works in a similar way to the vacuum cleaner, it sucks in the air via the filters, which should prevent the vast majority of debris from entering the system, cools or heats the air and then recycles that air back into your home. This is the air that you and your family breathe, so it is imperative that it remains as clean as possible.

Cleaning your air duct supply lines has some benefits which include but are not limited to

  • Cleaner, healthier air in your property ensuring that you and your family are breathing the highest quality air.
  • Reducing and hopefully removing the amount of dirt, dust and other allergens in your home. Potentially the most problematic and potent problem being mold, as the constant moist air and dark of duct systems provides two of the key ingredients mold needs to grow. The final thing mold requires to grow is a food source
  • Improving the efficiency of your HVAC system. Think of the duct system in a similar way to a hosepipe. The bigger the pipe, the more water it can transport from A to B. When the ducts become dirty, their circumference is reduced therefore reducing your systems efficiency and potentially increasing energy costs as the system has to work harder to pump the same volume of air around the home.
Not All Of The Dirt and Debris Is Sucked In From Outside The Home

Another issue which needs to be factored into the equation is that not all of the contaminants are introduced into the system naturally. As homeowners every time we walk into our property from outside, we introduce more pollutants and detritus, which although minuscule in size is still a contributory issue to the problem. Those small pieces of dirt get absorbed into the HVAC system and then recycled around the home numerous times a day. For people who suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma or are allergic to certain contaminants, it is critical that they are breathing the highest quality air possible, which is why it could be very beneficial to have your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Never Underestimate The Benefits Of Filters

The first barrier in preventing the build-up contaminants is to ensure that you have the correct filters installed and are changing them at least as often as the manufacturer recommends. In most instances changing the filter is a relatively straightforward job, and any professional HVAC company should be more than happy to teach you how to change the filters by yourself. If you live in a busy area where the contamination levels may be higher than average, there is no reason why you cant change the filters more frequently than recommended.

Duct Cleaning Is Beneficial But Doesn’t Solve The Problem

Here at Collis Electric & Air we are committed to providing a quality service that is based on the values of honesty and integrity. Let’s imagine that mold is the problem; then our advice would be to find and deal with the source of the mold in the first instance. We certainly have the tools and the expertise to simply clean your ducts, but if you have a serious mold problem, then within a few days of cleaning the ducts, the problem will simply return. Once the source of the mold has been discovered and dealt with, then a team of technicians can begin the process of cleaning the air ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning Requires Specialist Knowledge and Equipment

Air duct cleaning is not a quick and easy process, and it requires specialist equipment and knowledge to ensure it is completed properly. Bear in mind that the vast majority of the ducts will be behind walls and out of sight, which is why you need to ensure that you are employing a specialist company to complete the job. We have the best equipment on the marketplace, and even with that advantage, it will still take one of our highly trained technicians about 3 hours to complete the average job which normally involves about 8 to 10 vents.

It Is Not Simply A Matter Of Clearing Away The Debris

When it comes to completing the job, we believe that once the dirt and debris has been removed from the ducts, this is the perfect time to take some preventative action. We always use a specially created spray which attacks and prevents the return of bacteria both in the air and on the duct surfaces. This spray is perfectly safe to be used around children and animals and should slow down the return of any bacteria in the future.

Whatever your worries or concerns our helpful and friendly customer service team will be happy to discuss the situation with you and offer you the best possible advice. Do not allow yourself to worry or fret too much, as we will ensure that your system is treated properly safely and with the minimum of disruption. Duct cleaning is not regularly discussed, but we believe it should be an integral part of your HVAC maintenance process.

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